Viola’s interview about Nepal Emergency

I attached one article from Voci Globali magazine.
Finally we can say that we started the path of the aid to the nepali people. As I wrote in the article, the relationships, the long lasting connections, the gazes, the trust, the never cheated handshakes have built solidity and the possibility to move even when the streets are closed. Blocked.
We know how much it’s difficult to send money to Nepal, and we managed to do it for this reason.
We will diversify the aids in various fields, hospital, children, pregnant women, tents and shelters, especially in the far and remote villages.
We will send you soon the details, the pictures, the name of the villages and the areas where we send the aids.
Before thinking about the reconstruction of anything we have to support the current situation, which is tragic. Funeral pyres follow one another in the street that runs along the river and not only in Pashupatinath, we hope that we will manage to bring our aids to completion, but I am trustful, I think that we can make it.
We will keep you informed about the situation step by step.
Thank you, thank you with all my heart. Thank you.

Voci Globali - Intervista di Chiara Orsolini 

Valeria Viola Padovani