Letter from Viola, 26 April 2015

As many of you already know, we have been giving help and support to Nepal since 1999. There we opened two schools – then closed due to an overwhelming administrative and bureaucratic burden – and we have continuously given on-site direct help both in Kathmandu and in Pokhara.

In 1999 we arrived in Kathmandu for the first time, travelling  
towards Tibet, we were welcomed by a beautiful land and by the smiles  and sweetness of the Nepalese people. The poverty is immense,  
tremendous, Nepal is amongst one of the poorest countries in the  world, yet the reality transmits to you a more tenuous and softer  sense to the difficulties, especially on leaving the city. It is too  much even for me to see over and over again through the years, I will  never get used to it. On one side the air of a tranquil temple, in  peace with life, in peace with death, on the other, desperation, the  ugliness that moves them towards the total loss of dignity and of any  sensible caution. We will never get use to poverty. The scenes of  poverty and suffering already seen and seen again over the years had a  more sharper sound notwithstanding this, Nepal enchanted us with its  colors, traditions, sounds and simplicity still alive.”

We have visited Nepal over and over again, meeting people, discovering the simplicity of their actions, their thoughts, their gestures. We have kept in contact and slowly created an extended family, every time in deeper connection and greater confidence. There is mutual trust. Slowly slowly it’s like going back home. That’s what Nepal is for us… so is India. 

We have collected dozens of different stories, and the authenticity of the love that we’ve found, year after year, irrespective of the economic aid, has been unbelievable.

We know the territory and we work with local partners that are able to target the aid responding to basic needs and choosing and differentiating the operations.

What more can we say, what to say in this kind of situation?

Many of you have been with us, following our projects, coming with us both to India and Nepal, helping girls and boys…

Once again, we can only ask you for an economic aid that allows us to help directly the people affected by this tragedy of poverty. We are well aware that this is just the beginning – once the earth tremors will “stop”, the ash and the rubble, the diseases and the wounds will still be there to be faced.

With gratefulness and hope

Valeria Viola Padovani

Jamuna, one of our girl in Nepal wrote:

… here due to this horribly earthquake we all are very afraid… we all are like shaking our all body just very afraid just don’t know what to do????? where too go??? In Nepal is passing through a very critical and bad situation now. according to the Nasa news they announced that we people cannot stay in our houses because today whole night there may be a huge earthquake occuring around 9,10 richter and its very dangerous so we all are very scared… it will be much more scary than the one that came yesterday… we are very nervous, scared, and like our whole body is shaking…… please pray for us!!!! please pray for us!!!


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