Emergency Kerala

We would like to submit to your attention the dramatic situation Kerala has going through the last two weeks.

You can read here the words written by our founder Viola Padovani and by Simone, another NGO member, who is currently in Cochin in one of the 5,000 displaced persons camps set up throughout Kerala.

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The first funds raised will be given to support the work of the Rajagiri Group of Institutions which has installed a first aid camp for the displaced people from the areas around Kalamassery, Cochin. The camp is hosting 1,500 people and is managed by the professors of the Faculties of Development Cooperation, Informatics, Psychology and Management, together with the students. The project, in addition to first aid consisting of food, accommodation, medical check up, and psychological advice, basic necessities, provides for the support in the rehabilitation path and communication with the authorities for the quantification of damages.

Aju Karim writes on a post on Facebook

“If you don’t study well, you will end up as a fisherman “…!!

This is what usually my tuition master, laughingly used to say..

But Sir…
Today those fishermen sons of Kerala became Super heroes…

While the businessmen and the famed NRIs/NRKs were praying that some fishermen find them or their family back in Kerala in one of those boats…
My first cousin sister was rescued from her towering apartment complex surrounded by water by four unknown fishermen who travelled 25 km in search of victims..

They refused to take the bundle of cash given saying that you are our sister and we did not come for money…

My cousin sister sad she cried her heart out first time in several years…

Humanity thrives


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